Flagstaff Attractions and Culture

Heading By Pavel Špindler, CC BY 3.0, Commons Wikimedia

The heart of Flagstaff

Flagstaff, Arizona is a diverse community that shines brightly in its downtown area. There are a lot of shops and art unique to Flagstaff
that are able to help people a sense of the culture. What makes Flagstaff such a wonderful tourist spot is what it can provide that it unique
to this area. Flagstaff has beautiful scenery and plenty of interesting activities to take advantage of while visting. This site is developed from the perspective
of a local to showcase what have been my favorite things about the city that I think others would also enjoy. It is meant to act as a guide to those who
do not know much about the city and wish to experience it outside of the universal shops and restaurants that you can find anywhere.

Drone view over Flagstaff Area